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The police reported his death during a press conference that evening. Monteith, who was reportedly dating Glee costar Lea Michele, was He left rehab at the end of April. Monteith returned to his hotel room alone, according to hotel security surveillance, missed his check out time, and the staff found him dead in the room. Here are more details from the Vancouver Police Department: Police attended within minutes of the call and paramedics advised the man in the room was clearly deceased. Before I give further information, on behalf of the Vancouver Police, I want to pass on our condolences to the family, friends, castmates and millions of fans of Mr. As was the case in countless homes, I watched Glee regularly with my daughters, and I know there will be shock and sadness in many households with the news of his tragic death. Monteith checked into the hotel in July 6th and was due to check out of the room today. There were others with Mr.

‘Glee’ goes ‘Catfish’: Who’s Ryder’s secret online friend?

That should be interesting. Also there’s a rumor going around that one of the show’s favorite couples could be splitting. According to the show’s official description of episode five, Jarley might be calling it quits. Meanwhile, Marley discovers Jake’s relationship with Bree and Rachel tries to convince Kurt they both should get tattoos.

Is Bree aka “the new Santana” already causing trouble? It was also revealed that Marley will take on Cyrus’ ballad “Wrecking Ball” also hinting that her relationship with Jake could be on the rocks.

Glee Season 4x “Shooting Star” Episode 18 – Recap and Videos after the jump! Ryder assumes Jake and/or Marley are the Catfishers. He angrily confronts them in the hallway. “Now excuse me, the thought of dating you makes me drier than the cast of Hot in Cleveland.” She huffs away. THANKS FOR SHARING! Still, Ryder is still.

This school desperately needs a Tami Taylor. Finn convinces Will that he has to go after Emma if he really wants to save their relationship, so Schue takes one dozen teenagers with him to try to reconcile with his fiance. A lot of people everybody in my Twitter stream, at least haaaated this Say Anything shout-out, but I reeeeaaally love that movie and this song and they sound fantastic.

Besides, how else would we have gotten to see Sugar in her bear-ear hat? Once Emma comes down to meet Will, the kids skedaddle hilariously away and Will and Emma decide to start getting to know each other all over again, this Friday, with a movie. Anything else you want to say, Emma? Before Finn Hudson has a chance to ruin your life?

Shelby Corcoran

Harry Shum in real life is also a Jr. When Victor Garber takes a break from his usually cool, hard-hitting persona to play Will’s dad, he expresses his regret at never going to law school and at the end of the episode decides to apply. Victor Garber is also known for his work in Broadway musicals e. Lea Michele , the actress who plays Rachel, made her Broadway debut as Young Cosette in the Broadway cast of the same musical and more recently played Eponine in the Hollywood Bowl concspert.

That was the big question going into Glee at the altar, while Ryder (Blake Jenner) kissed Marley (Melissa Benoist), who is dating his BFF Jake Stay tuned as Brody’s secret double life wasn.

Lambert plays Elliott Gilbert, a star child from New Jersey who auditions for a new band Kurt is creating. The American Idol alumni and Kurt don’t quite click and their connection is still a work in progress. Lambert reveals that his character Elliott will not make past the audition because of his theatrics were a bit over-the-top. Lambert admits that Elliott reminds him of himself seven years ago when he comes to audition in full makeup and costume and gets cut because of it.

Though it seems he won’t stay long in the show, his relation with Kurt being a work in progress suggests that he might be there for a while. Watch him in the “A Katy or a Gaga” promo below: This breakup might even lead Marley to hook up with Ryder Blake Jenner , who has feelings for her.

“Finn” from Glee died

Mark Salling pictured played Puck Puck is introduced as a football player and bully at William McKinley High School; he is frequently seen throwing fellow students into dumpsters, or tossing slushies in their faces. It is later revealed that he is Jewish. He is the best friend of Finn, the quarterback, [6] and has a summer pool-cleaning business that leads to sexual encounters with his adult female clients.

Despite that, he has sex with fellow students, including in an on-again, off-again relationship with Santana Lopez Naya Rivera , a cheerleader, which does not completely end forever until the middle of the second season.

[Glee Bree tells Jake she’s not pregnant 5×07] Glee Bree Tells Jake She’s Not Pregnant 5×07 Glee Scenes. Glee – Tina Dresses Up As ‘Vicki The Robot Girl’ And Marley Tells Jake .

You win this round. Glee even managed to squeeze in some public service announcements that weren’t batshit crazy, which was both weird and welcome. I haven’t been this un-conflicted about messages since Season 2. I won’t argue those points because they’re not totally unfounded. I enjoy a lot of the Warbler covers. There’s also something to said about how entertaining many of the musical montages are.

Even the sucky ones. I can quote it. My undergrad roommate once threatened to take the DVD away and not return it until graduation. This is who I am, and I make no apologies! Schue conveniently out sick with the flu, Blaine and Sam took it upon themselves to run glee club rehearsals. And guess what—I still hate Psycho Kitty.

Glee Bree tells Jake she’s not pregnant 5×07

However, looking back on episodes it only proves that Glee missed the boat on what could have been a very big deal. Sunshine Corazon will always serve as an example of what Glee could have been. With a powerhouse voice, supreme confidence and a chemistry with the New Directions, she could have stuck around and had a place on the show for a long time. Unfortunately, the show decided not to use her beyond the second season, following her run with Vocal Adrenaline.

Later seasons of the show struggled to properly develop the competition that New Directions faced.

With his curvy pout, soulful, puppy-dog brown eyes, and deep melodic voice, Jacob Artist has quickly become Glee’s newest bad-boy hunk in his role as Jake Puckerman.

I think Rachel Berry is an over privileged, selfish, ignorant, annoying, over dramatic, undeserving, and all around horrible person. Her voice is sub-par at best and she stays in the spotlight way to much, when there are so many with better talent than her in the show. Watching Glee I’ve seen practically everything handed to Rachel Berry on a silver plater when she has no talent.

Frankly I cheered when she failed in the beginning of season six, even if it was short lived. Her character in my opinion is unrealistic, to much was handed to her and she never grew up. To be blunt, I would never have called the show Glee, I would have called the Rachel Berry show or Rachel Berry and the back ups, because it’s not really about the club, it’s mostly about an attention seeking girl who in my eyes has no talent, gets everything handed to her, and if she doesn’t like something or it doesn’t go exactly her way, she throws a hissy fit and breaks up friendships.

I would have liked to see her grow She has done some of the most selfish things to the people she calls her “friends” or “team” when really she would cut their throats if if meant getting a solo or any other chance in the spotlight. The fact is that there are other prettier and more talented glee club members yet the show solely focuses on her annoying, bratty, self-absorbed ambition to rise to the top.

She lied about Sandy Ryerson out of jealousy, quit the glee club to join “Cabaret” because Tina was given a solo instead of her, and then covered her mouth with tape because she was not automatically given every solo.

Glee Episode 4.18 Shooting Star

They are just high school students and they already act as adults in their relationship. Just a fair warning. Thursday Oct 17

Glee stars dating in real life News, this is in real life? Cory monteith in the air! Cougar dating with a recent heartache. Way to experience. Credit: glee in real life, lea michele and naomi Category for relationships for his role as quinn fabray. Than cory, the related in real life private. And marley from online and relationship in real life hubby blake jenner and the couples. Are currently dating real life, watson .

This week the Gleesters take on super heros! We open on the spandexed halls of McKinley High where for no apparent reason whatsoever the Super Hero Club is the hottest new thing. The club meeting is called to order and the mildly confusing Not The X-Men are roll-called. Where the hell is Unique? Not one person mentions her the entire episode.

Also I put all the screencaps in comic sans this week for lolz because of the superhero theme. Ryder and Jake fight, blah blah blah. Everything is terrible I wish this were a dream I could wake up from. Singing Foreigner songs dressed as super racists representations of people throughout the world. For a brief moment I was worried I was going to have to actually want this shitshow go down.

Glee recap: New Directions celebrate Billy Joel, Tyra Banks cameos

I meet a fine Lady, too late in my life Can play an ugly part To entice and excite my loins Dr. Beh is going away bbbb Ne’er to lie another day was just a bore and a whore music is healing nothing but a big fat snore purple adult spots dance across the ceiling The tip of my tounge is not sharp, But it is split into to two. Or is this world much too sublime?

When Marley Weston (who is going by Marley Rose) comes to town, it just complicates her life even more. But little does she realize that while Marley may be sending her life into a tail spin, Marley’s mother, Rachel Berry, has already ruined Quinn’s.

While in high school, Morrison did a musical with actress Jodie Sweetin. He said in Details , “There were all these beautiful, beautiful dancers. As a straight guy I had some room. There were the shared interests in singing and dancing, and I always find dancing with someone very erotic and sexual. I definitely hooked up with a lot of girls when I was a young guy on Broadway. Morrison’s big break came, however, when Morrison landed the role of Link Larkin in the Broadway production of John Waters’ , Hairspray.

After performing in the role for some time, Morrison started working in television, guest-starring on shows such as Ghost Whisperer , Numb3rs , CSI:

Every Glee-Tail: What Dreams Are Made Of

When Beiste first appeared, her interactions with other characters ended up starting a huge thematic element about bullying. The members of the New Directions found themselves making fun of Beiste for how she looked, despite all being misfits themselves. The way the writers handled this arc was actually fantastic and eye opening. As time passed, the writers must have realized how bland and unmotivated they had made Sam.

Romantic tension builds between Marley and two of the glee club’s males, Jake and Ryder. Blaine checks in on the Warblers. to hang out Friday night you and me.

Name the store the Glee Club sings in an advertisement for Mattress 1×12 Who tells Finn that he is not the father of Quinn’s baby? Sectionals 1×13 The Glee Club’s setlist was leaked to their competition by whom? Sectionals 1×13 Which Tony award winning actress was introduced as a guest star in this episode? Hell-O 1×14 Which Tony nominated actor was introduced as a guest star in this episode? The Power of Madonna 1×15 Whose mom stars dating Kurt’s dad in this episode? Home 1×16 Which character becomes so hungry that she starts to see her friends as food?

Bad Reputation 1×17 What song does Rachel sing with laryngitis? Laryngitis 1×18 Who is Mercedes dating in this episode? Laryngitis 1×18 Which actor won an Emmy for guest starring as Bryan Ryan? Dream On 1×19 What does Artie dream he could be? Dream On 1×19 What artist do the girls and Kurt emulate for their Glee assignment? Theatricality 1×20 Which band’s songs do the boys sing for their Glee assignment?

Theatricality 1×20 Which faculty member tricks Sue into thinking he likes her? Funk 1×21 What pivotal song does Will hear on his car radio?

Glee Season 4 – Shooting Star – Recap, Videos (UPDATED)

Glee song imagine but not with the annoying lyrics… I walk the halls with Marley and Jake, heading for glee club. I sigh as I see how in love they are. I follow them with my eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

This week on Glee, Quinn discovered how nice it is to slow-dance with Santana.

Today is my five month anniversary with Sam. So of course we would have Glee practice bright and early before school! It’s just our luck but it’s okay because it is what, right? Well I’m going to make the most of today anyways. One of the nice things about dating Sam is the fact that on our anniversaries, we don’t buy each other anything. Instead, we do something for eachother in Glee Club!


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